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Things to do in Julian With The Vanderhall Blackjack

fall in Julian California

San Diego is full of amazing activities and city life, but what many people don’t know is that there is a hidden gem of a town called Julian only an hour away! During the fall season, there are so many things to do in Julian. Fall is the perfect time to visit Julian while they are at their peak Apple season!

Experience driving the 2020 Vanderhall Blackjack through the beautiful area of Julian and check out all the fun attractions they have to offer! This luxury driving experience will feature GoCar technology which has a built-in talking navigation system that is specifically designed to take you through the best sites, recommends restaurants, cracks jokes, and tell stories that bring the destination to life! Start your journey in Old Town San Diego where you will pick up your luxury vehicle and enjoy the scenic route to Julian which is in the heart of the beautiful Cuyamaca Mountains.

a person riding a vanderhall in front of a mountain road

Things to Do in Julian:

1. Handpick your own apples

2. Taste their famous apple pie

3. Visit their Wolf Sanctuary

4. Eagle and High Peak Mine

5. Julian’s Hard Cider

1. Apple Picking

While you’re in Julian, you have to check out their famous apple orchards! Julian fall apple picking season is coming up and it’s the perfect time to handpick some delicious apples. When you’re out on your exotic car experience, stop by one of six different apple-picking orchards Julian has to offer. Volcan Valley Apple farm is one of the bigger apple orchards in Julian and has plenty of parking for you to leave your Vanderhall for a bit and pick some apples to bring home and share with friends and family


a apple tree at an orchard in Julian

2. Famous Apple Pie

Along with apple picking, you can’t go to Julian without having a slice of their famous Apple Pie! Head to Main street, do some shopping, and make sure to stop by Julian Pie Company to try one of the famous pies they have to offer. This family-owned pie company has been in business since 1989 and always enjoys having people from all around the world experience their handmade pies. While you’re on Main Street, explore their unique boutiques, family-owned businesses, and restaurants!


apple pie sitting on a table

3. Wolf Sanctuary

Next, stop by Julian’s visitors center and nature store where you can learn about wolves and shop their wildlife theme store. Here, they have their wolf sanctuary where you can get up close to Mexican Gray Wolves and learn about their recovery, conservation and history! You can book a tour and participate in their unique and educational experience while also supporting wolf conservation!

wolf looking at the camera

4. Eagle and High Peak Mine

Stop by Eagle Mining Co. and learn about the 1870’s old-fashioned gold mine! Take a one-hour tour with a guide who will teach you all about California’s mining operation and conservation. They will even show you old milling and extraction processes that were used in the early Californian mining operations. This is a fun and educational way to learn about the history of Julian!

an old photo of a people working in a mine

5. Julian’s Hard Cider

Although Julian is known for their Apples to be made into pies, they also use apples to create the perfect adult beverage! Their recipe goes all the way back to 1670 and is made from 100% fresh-pressed, hand-picked apples. Head to Julian Station to pick up their award-winning, hand-crafted hard cider and try their unique flavors like Apple Pie and Cherry Bomb! While you’re at Julian Station, you can experience 3 unique tasting rooms that include their Julian Hard Cider, Julian Wine & Chocolate, and The Cooler Craft Beer Tap & Tasting Room. Plus, on Sundays from 1-4, they feature live local music for everyone to enjoy!

a glass of hard cider