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  • Chevron down Are there any restrictions or weight requirements?
  • Age/Children: We recommend children riding with adults be five and older. Children under five are welcome on a case-by-case basis, as long as the conditions of the water are fair, and the child can hold on, physically. If the conditions are rough, it is not safe for a child under five.

    Age/Driver: To drive the boat alone, a person must be 18 years old. People 16 and up may drive as long as an adult is in the boat, as well.

    Height/Weight: No height requirement. Each boat may not exceed 450 lbs.

  • Chevron down Any health restrictions?
  • Part of the fun at Speed Boat Adventures is that, at times, we will be riding in open water. Although usually calm, the harbor can be choppy at times.* We do not recommend guests with neck or back problems or a recent surgery participate. Pregnant women should not participate.*

  • Chevron down What to bring / wear?
  • 1. Swimsuit/jacket * Wear what you would to the beach depending on the temperature (a swimsuit in the summer and a jacket in the winter) – It may be windy, plan accordingly!
    2. Sandals or flip-flops
    3. A towel for afterward
    4. Sun block
    5. Sunglasses*

  • Chevron down Can we switch drivers?
  • Absolutely! We will stop several times during the San Diego Harbor boat tour and you can switch drivers if you like, halfway through the tour!

  • Chevron down What if I have never driven a boat?
  • No problem! Our boats are very simple to operate and we will make sure you are fully comfortable with the operation before we leave the dock.