GPS-Guided Scooter + Speedboat Adventure Combo Tour

Quick Details

Users Capacity: Up to 2 people

Clock Time: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm Daily

Hour Glass Duration: 4-5 hours

Double Passenger Boat

Guided Speed Boat Adventure + GPS-Guided Phat Scooter Tour

– Save $30 and experience the best of both worlds with our Scooter & Speedboat Adventure combo! You jump on a scooter and explore San Diego at your own pace in the world’s first storytelling scooter. Go where tour buses don’t go and experience some of the best parts of San Diego that most visitors never get to see. As you drive your car will navigate, crack jokes and tell you the stories that bring San Diego to life.

– Then you get to go on a two hour Speed Boat Adventure Tour of San Diego Bay where you get to drive your very own speedboat on a guided narrated tour of the bay. Just follow the guide on this high-speed adventure past nuclear submarines aircraft carriers and other fascinating things that change on every tour.

– This combo adventure makes for the perfect day in San Diego. To reserve the Scooter portion of your tour call 800-914-6227 and give your order number. Both tours do not need to be taken on the same day. Just book the day and time of the Speedboat Adventure portion you want online and call us to book your time for the Scooters.