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Top 6 Folly Beach Activities & Attractions

a sign on the side of a road

Folly Beach is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, have some fun in the sun, and take in the great scenery. Located just fifteen minutes from downtown Charleston, this iconic area adds to the beauty and charm of South Carolina’s coastline.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of Folly Beach activities in and around the area. On your way there go on a speed boat adventure, visit the Morris Island Lighthouse, take a walk along the Folly Beach Pier – your options for family-friendly attractions are endless at Folly Beach.

Folly Beach Activities & Attractions You’ll Love:

  1. Go on a Speed Boat Adventure
  2. Visit the Morris Island Lighthouse
  3. Have some fun at the Folly Beach Pier
  4. Lounge on the beach
  5. Visit the shops at Center St.
  6. Go for a hike at the nearby James Island County Park

1. Go on a Speed Boat Adventure

a person holding a pair of people posing for the camera

If you have ever dreamed of driving a speed boat across the open ocean, this is your chance. Folly Beach is located just 10 miles from Charleston Harbor where you can get in front of a speed boat steering wheel. 

The Charleston speed boat adventure tour typically lasts about 2 hours and you’ll get the best view of the scenery and local wildlife. From the ocean, you’ll see unique views of the Battery, USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, and of course, the stunning downtown Charleston skyline.

Make sure to stop here either on the way to Folly Beach or while heading home – you won’t regret it.

2. Visit the Morris Island Lighthouse

The Morris Island Lighthouse in the middle of a body of water

The Morris Island Lighthouse is one of the Folly Beach attractions you simply can’t miss. Located at the southern end of the Charleston Harbor entrance, it’s easily accessible from Folly Beach. Built in 1876, it is the second oldest lighthouse in South Carolina. And, at 158 feet it’s one of the tallest you’ll find in the area. Having been retired and restored only a few years back, it is now a historic landmark and great photography location.

3. Have some fun at the Folly Beach Pier

a sign on the side of a road

If you enjoy fishing, Folly Beach Pier is the place for you. Located on the south end of the island, it stretches half a mile into the ocean. The pier offers plenty of space to cast your line and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The pier is also great for gazing at the colorful sunsets over the Atlantic and catching a glimpse of dolphins.

No luck while fishing? Grab a bite to eat at the legendary Pier 101 Restaurant & Bar. From here you can enjoy the view of the pier even on stormy days. Folly Beach Pier is a must for one of your can’t miss Folly Beach attractions.

4. Lounge on the Beach

a group of people on a beach

Get ice creams or cocktails and spend the day lounging on one of the best beaches in Charleston! With more sunny days than most areas, you’re in for good weather and the waves create a surfers paradise. 

5. Visit the shops at Center Street

a car parked on a city street

Center Street is the main street of Folly Beach and is filled with unique shops, boutiques, restaurants, and bars. If you’re staying a few days, you can try some of the other great restaurants lining the streets. People watching is great from the open-air curbside seating.

There are some great places to eat in and around Charleston and Folly Beach is right up there with the best.

6. Go for a hike at the nearby James Island County Park

a wooden pier next to a body of water

James Island County Park is located just a few miles north of Folly Beach. You and your family can enjoy a beautiful beach, endless nature trails, and plenty of outdoor activities. Many of the campsites offer beautiful views and seclusion. For young kids, the park also has a playground and family scenic picnic area.

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, hiking in the James Island County Park is one of the best Folly Beach activities.