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10 Best San Diego Instagram Spots

a person holding a pair of people posing for the camera

With its picture-perfect weather and gorgeous sights, there are some great San Diego Instagram spots for you to take some memorable photos. If you’re like some people living in the digital age, you might love hunting for the top Instagram spots in any destination. After all, are you even on vacation if your friends don’t know? 

Fortunately, San Diego Instagram spots are abundant. If you’re seeking the most Instagrammable places in San Diego, we’ve got the full list for you.

Top San Diego Instagram spots:

  1. The architecture at the Salk Institute
  2. Old Point Loma Lighthouse
  3. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
  4. Scripps Pier
  5. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park
  6. The pond in Balboa Park
  7. Artelexia
  8. Old Town San Diego
  9. A selfie on a Speed Boat Tour
  10. Flower fields at Carlsbad Ranch


1. The architecture at the Salk Institute Top Instagram Spots - Salk Institute


Contrary to the other Instagrammable places on this list, people may not be able to tell that you’re in San Diego with this location. The Salk Institute has been voted California’s most beautiful building. Just Google a picture, and you’ll see why it makes the list for top San Diego Instagram spots!


Top Instagram Spots - Old Point Loma 2. Old Point Loma Lighthouse


You head to the coast, you go to the beach, what’s missing in your aesthetic? A lighthouse! The Old Point Loma Lighthouse is no longer in operation, but it’s still open for tours (and photos!). It’s the perfect place for an impromptu photoshoot. 


3. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve Top Instagram Spots - Torrey Pines


Known for being home to one of the nation’s rarest pine trees, this natural reserve is a must for your trip to San Diego. It’s popular for hiking, so you may want to go for an athleisure Instagram look for this photoshoot. 


Top Instagram Spots - Scripps Pier4. Scripps Pier


Let’s face it, there’s nothing more Instagrammable than a pier at sunset. Head down to Scripps Pier at La Jolla Beach to see a famous San Diego Instagram spot. It’s especially popular to take photos underneath in the water, so you may want to wear beach-friendly clothing. 


5. Sunset Cliffs Natural ParkTop Instagram Spots - Sunset Cliffs


If you’re looking for an Instagrammable place in San Diego that features a ton of variety, Sunset Cliffs is the place to go. Between the rocky terrain, intricate bluffs, arches, caves, crevasses, and more, you’ll have a breathtaking wide-angle at this park. With a single photoshoot, you can see both land and sea in the background. The focus? You, of course!


Top Instagram Spots - Balboa Park6. The pond in Balboa Park 


This San Diego Instagram spot is perfect for a candid. Balboa Park is always full of people and schools of swimming fish. Snap a few photos as you drive by and upload later. The best way to get there? On a GoCar Tour. A fun afternoon filled with fun and laughter is waiting for you (along with Instagram-perfect pictures to prove it!). 


7. Artelexia Top Instagram Spots - Artelexia


Artelexia is a Mexican craft store that has absolutely stunning colors incorporated into its design both inside and out. On the outside wall, there’s an outer mural that reads, “You are radiant.” Needless to say, it’s become a popular tourist attraction and a top San Diego Instagram spot.  While you’re there, be sure to support the business and buy a souvenir a two as well!


Top Instagram Spots - Old Town San Diego8. Old Town San Diego


Old Town San Diego is full of restaurants and local vendors selling some of the best food in the city. The historic neighborhood also has a variety of colorful walls and goods that has transformed it into the perfect San Diego Instagram spot for a photoshoot. 


9. A selfie on a Speed Boat Toura person holding a pair of people posing for the camera


Your Instagram is a reflection of who you are. Why not tell your friends and family how adventure you’ve become on vacation? Snap a selfie on your speed boat tour of San Diego and post it to your feed. It’s the perfect way to remember one of your favorite activities of the trip. 


Top Instagram Spots - Flower Field10. Flower fields at Carlsbad Ranch


This Instagrammable place in San Diego is admittedly 30 minutes outside of the city – but so worth it! Make it a festive trip and enjoy a personal photoshoot. The fields are open for tours and photo times throughout the day. Believe us, all of your followers will thank you.