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COMIC-CON | San Diego 2018

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COMIC-CON & Fun Events This July



San Diego Convention Center

111 W. Harbor Drive

It’s finally that time of the year where fans and celebrities gather down at the San Diego Convention Center! Ticket holders will be attending Comic-Con from July 19-July 22, 2018. If you don’t have tickets, you should still head downtown for some epic people watching. You never know, you might even meet a celebrity. Check out this list for some great places to people watch:

  1. Gaslamp Quarter
  2. Tin Fish(next to the trolley stop)
  3. Marriott Hotel Bar & Hilton Bayfront (good place to meet celebrities)
  4. The balcony above NOBU


COMIC-CON isn’t the only thing going on this July! Check out some other events and things you can do this July:


Padres Game

Petco Park

Check out this link for the Padres baseball game schedule:



Supergirl Surf Pro

Oceanside, CA | July 27 – 29, 2018

Top professional female surfers are headed to Oceanside, CA for 11th Annual Supergirl Surf Pro! It’s a free event and a fun atmosphere to sit on the beach and watch some talented gals shred the gnar.


2018 Over The Line Tournament

Fiesta Island, Mission Bay Park | July 14 – July 22, 2018

Old Mission Beach Athletic Club is holding their 65th Annual World Championship here in San Diego. Games begin at 7:30AM and end close to dusk. OTL is a game played with 2 teams of 3 players each. It’s a bat and ball game that’s played on a court that’s 55’ wide with foul lines that extend to infinity.


Del Mar Racetracks

July 18 – Sept 3rd, 2018

Head over to the Del Mar Racetrack for opening day on July 18th! Enjoy a full day of an unhealthy amount of gambling and eating. The Pacific Classic takes place on August 18th, it’s one of the most important races of the summer in SoCal.