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Best San Diego Views and How to get There


There are so many beautiful San Diego lookout points in this city, but what’s the best way to see the area? I’m not referring to the inner portions of the city, but rather the beauty and scenery that surrounds it. By checking out these San Diego lookout pointsyou can witness the stunning views of its sun-drenched beaches, exquisite skylines, and magnificent hillsides.

We know the best views in San Diego. Running one of the top speed boat rides in San Diego, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. Some San Diego viewpoints are best experienced via water on our speed boat tours while others are on land. It’s not America’s 8th largest city for no reason.

Whether you are here on vacation or you call San Diego home, we hope you will take the time to check out all of these beautiful San Diego lookout points. Some of which you can experience for yourself on our San Diego speed boat rides.

Top 5 Best San Diego Views

  1. San Diego Bay — best experienced on a speed boat ride
  2. Coronado Bridge and Coronado Island — can be experienced on a speed boat tour or a GoCar Tour of Coronado Island
  3. Sunset Cliffs & Ocean Beach
  4. Meditation Gardens
  5. La Jolla Cove

A driver and passenger in a speed boat in a speed boat riding along the ocean in San Diego

San Diego Views from the Bay

Be a boat captain for the day (a speed boat captain) and see spectacular views of the city all in one cruise around the bay. Our San Diego boat ride take you to all of the best lookout points on the water and show you the iconic sights of the city. Check them out by the water, and if you’re feeling adventurous, we also offer a GoCar and Speed Boat Combo Package and a scooter with speed boat combo tour!

a car parked on a beach

San Diego Viewpoint of Coronado Bridge & Island

Crossing over top of the bay area; this iconic lookout is best taken in on the water. Coronado Island is the crown jewel of San Diego, and the bridge is the gateway to it. Built-in 1926, this steel-concrete bridge connects the cities of San Diego and Coronado.

You can see a beautiful view of the Coronado Bridge on our speed boat tour. Drive your boat directly under this amazing two-mile landmark.

After taking this lookout point in from the water, get the land perspective with a GoCar Tour over to Coronado Island for a visit. Explore the quaint island, take in the pristine beaches, stop of a coffee and bite to eat before drive back to downtown San Diego. Visiting Coronado is a must-do in San Diego as the sites and viewpoints are unforgettable.


A view of the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego during the day

Photo Credit: Brian Roberts

Iconic San Diego Views of Sunset Cliffs & Ocean Beach

Explore nature’s true beauty and witness breathtaking views with waves crashing into the rocks at this 68-acre natural park. Scour the tide pools filled with all sorts of marine life, such as the cute sea lions. Take a stroll along the sheer sunset cliffs while gazing out on the ocean in all of its glory. If you have the time, Sunset Cliffs is an excellent place to watch a sunrise or sunset.

a close up of a flower garden

Photo Credit: Wonderlane

Relaxing San Diego Views: Meditation Garden

Take the stairs to a dirt path through a beautiful garden. Finally, reaching the cliffs above the beach, opening up to a gorgeous view of the ocean. Adventure into the mediation nooks that overlook the Pacific Ocean. This is a must-visit with its diversity of vibrant flowers, mini waterfalls, and koi ponds.

a rocky beach next to the ocean

Photo Credit: Ken Lund

Classic San Diego View of La Jolla Cove

Don’t miss out on this charming coastal town surrounded by bluffs. Protected as a marine reserve, it’s full of populations of sea lions and many other types of marine life. It’s one of the most popular spots in San Diego for kayaking, snorkeling, and diving. Here’s a challenge: Find the secret swings hung from the trees that overlook La Jolla and the ocean!

a long bridge over a body of water


San Diego is a true jewel of Southern California enriched with outdoor adventures, culinary must-haves, and sights you cannot pass up. We wish that in your travels, you’ll understand why it’s so easy to fall in love with. So, which spot will you see first?

More Famous San Diego Viewpoint Locations

While the viewpoints mentioned above offer some of the best sights in San Diego, there are many other places where you can catch breathtaking views of the city. Here are a few additional viewpoints to consider visiting during your trip:

  1. Mount Soledad: Located in La Jolla, Mount Soledad is one of the highest points in San Diego and offers stunning panoramic views of the city, the ocean, and the surrounding mountains.
  2. Torrey Pines Gliderport: This scenic spot in La Jolla is not only a popular spot for paragliding and hang gliding but also offers incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged coastline.
  3. Harbor Island: This man-made island in San Diego Bay is a great place to take in views of the downtown skyline, the bay, and Coronado Island.
  4. Cabrillo National Monument: Located on the tip of the Point Loma Peninsula, Cabrillo National Monument offers stunning views of the ocean, San Diego Bay, and the downtown skyline.

No matter which viewpoint you choose to visit, you’re sure to be awed by the natural beauty and spectacular scenery that San Diego has to offer.