San Diego Bucket List

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Sea Lion

Here in San Diego it’s totally encouraged to be a beach bum, but this city has so much more than just the Pacific Ocean. Chances are if you are lucky enough to live here then you will recognize some of these fantastic things on our bucket list, but if you’re a tourist, you’re in for a real treat! Thanks to https://www.thrillist.com and our personal experiences, here is the ultimate San Diego bucket list. So let’s kick it off!

  1. Visit Sunset Cliffs, a natural park that boarders the western side of Point Loma.
  2. Captain your own speed boat on the bay.
  3. Hike the uphill challenge, Potato Chip Rock.
  4. Catch the Ferry Downtown to explore Coronado Island.
  5. Grab a snorkel and swim with the Sea Lions in La Jolla Cove, where the area is protected from ocean waves.
  6. Go on a whale watching tour.
  7. Get your beer taste buds tingling with the best new breweries in San Diego
  8. Get up close and personal with a tide pool, the sea’s little ecosystems.
  9. Climb aboard the US Navy’s longest serving aircraft carrier, the USS Midway!
  10. Spend a day (or 7, seriously it is that vast!) exploring the museums and music festivals of Balboa Park.
  11. See a Panda at the World Class San Diego Zoo! (Enough said!)
  12. Have a Mai Tai at Bali Hai’s and experience the punch of this drink!
  13. If you’re looking for ice cream, the top three places to go are, Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream, Mariposa Homemade Ice Cream, and The Baked Bear. You can get the full scoop at https://www.thrillist.com/eat/san-diego/best-ice-cream-shops-in-san-diego
  14. Dance the night away at a rooftop pool party with a world class cocktail in the Gaslamp District.
  15. If you love fish as much as I do, end your day with a great fish fry! Check out the fresh catch at Tuna Harbor Dockside Market.

And there you have it! The top 15 things to do in San Diego before you kick it.

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