5 awesome California Sea Lion facts!

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Sea lions basking at Bait Barge

Here at Speedboat Adventures we love our California sea lions, which is why bait barge (pictured above) is one of our favorite destinations to hit on the speed boat tour. California sea lions can be found all over but get their name designation because of their extremely large population in the golden state. There is no doubt about it, the sea lion is in love with California and we are too! Today we present to you our favorite facts about the adorable California sea lion:

  1. Sea lions can swim up to 25 miles per hour, that’s more than 5 times the speed of Michael Phelps. Typically recognized for their commendable relaxation skills in sun bathing these guys are great athletes, spending sometimes up to 30 hours straight of hunting and zipping around at remarkable speeds.
  2. Sea lions should be called sea cryin’ as they are known to shed a few tears. If you’ve ever observed a sea lion crying you may be wondering why. It’s actually because they have tear ducts specifically to help remove the salt water out of their eyes.
  3. Sea lions don’t like the Northern Atlantic Ocean. You can find sea lions in bodies of water all throughout the world except for the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The reason for this is a mystery to even scientists as the temperature and environment are compatible with their typical habitat.
  4. Sea lions have a big heart! More and more instances of abandon pups being fostered by other sea lions have recently been recorded. Isn’t that sweet?
  5. Lastly, sea lions are are total brainiacs. As highly intelligent creatures, some have even been taught to understand a simple version of sign language. In rare occurrences they have even been used for military operations.

Sea! We ain’t lion when we say, sea lions rule! Come sea for yourselves!

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